How I Named My Blog

Being a poet and an occasional pun-ster, the "Not on the Road" title is multi-layered. First, it was a response to old Jack K's "On the Road," since I'm definitely not he. Also, I've moved around a bit throughout my life (like in the last two and a half years!), and I'm sick of being ON the road. And of course, being an animal lover and very active in dog rescue work, I don't like seeing animals, wild or domestic ON the road, dead or alive.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

First Amendment Wrongs

Yes, you read that correctly. We no longer have First Amendment RIGHTS. They're gone. Take a look at recent police actions in Boston, NYC, UC Davis, Oakland, etc. This is what the US will look like under martial law.

I do have to say, I am proud of the Lexington KY Occupiers and our authorities for respecting one another and respecting rights. It's wonderful to watch democracy in action. But what the heck is going on in the rest of the nation? Is the Constitution softer than Charmin, so it's gone down the crapper?

And not only is the US's new drone base in Ethiopia "operational," Obama is moving US troops to Australia to counter any possible moves by CHINA. I used to say, "This is not the Obama for whom I voted," but apparently it IS the Obama who got my vote and the votes of millions of others who were duped. But seriously, what was our alternative in 2008? McCain and Palin??? That's not a choice. That's the poor punchline to the bad joke, "Why don't more Americans vote?"

2012 is not looking any more promising, no matter who the Republicans hold up for us in candidate costumes, and we've already seen Obama in action. I'm voting for Stewart Alexander in 2012. I can't in good conscience vote otherwise.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mitch McConnell's Job Description

7 peaceful adults (all except one of us qualify for the Senior Discount at Dairy Queen) were prevented from going to Senator Mitch McConnell's office in Lexington, KY on Wednesday. They knew we were coming, so they shut down the office, and had police waiting for us before we even arrived. We were not even allowed to enter the building.

Excuse me? Mitch McConnell is my employee, and since when can an employee lock his employer out of the office?

Mitch seems to have totally lost contact with the reality of his job description. He thinks his job is to be sure Obama doesn't get re-elected. That's NOT a Senator's job. A Senator's job is to take care of his constituents, to represent our best interests. Instead, he represents corporations and big money and the GOP.

And what about my constitutional rights to freedom of expression and freedom to peaceably assemble? Hello? Well, we've known for years that the Constitution of the U.S. isn't worth the paper it's printed on. Bozos like Clarence Thomas (who NEVER should have made it to the Supreme Court) have seen to that. (I did send a note in the mail to Anita Hill back when she testified against him before the Senate. I told her I believed her. I still believe her, and Clarence Thomas has no business serving on the Supreme Court.)

I sure hope Kentucky wises up and cans both of our senators the next time they each come up for re-election. In fact, I have absolutely no idea how this state elected Rand Paul to the Senate. This obviously reflects the deficiencies of Kentucky's educational system. We've got people voting who are obviously incapable of basic brain functions. I am amazed.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Execution of Troy Davis

Can someone please explain to me WHY Troy Davis is going to be executed this evening at 7 p.m. First of all, the death penalty is barbaric, and study after study has proven that having a death penalty DOES NOT DETER CAPITAL OFFENSES. Secondly, I believe that this man is not guilty.

If Georgia won't listen, why hasn't Obama pardoned this man? To do so is within his capacity, yet he seems to be ignoring the issue completely. This is just one more disappointment I have experienced with the man for whom I voted. Gee, he'd pardon that ax murderer, Michael Vick, praised him in fact, but he won't lift a finger to help an innocent man. What's wrong with THIS picture.

No, I won't be voting for Obama in 2012. He's disappointed me too many times. And the Republicans have absolutely NOTHING to offer. Every one of them except Romney comes across as totally out of touch with reality, and I won't vote for Romney either.

So, for 2012, it's Stewart Alexander all the way. It's the only logical choice.

And could someone please explain to me WHY the media is ignoring the protest in Wall Street? Oh, it's all fun and games with the Arab Spring. But when protests hit the U.S., it seems censorship takes over. I didn't realize I was living in Syria or Yemen, but apparently I am!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Park-ing Day

I'm an odd hybrid at Latitude Artists' Community in Lexington, KY. I go there as both an artist and a volunteer, and I love it!

On Friday, Latitude had their third annual "Park-ing Day," where we turned a downtown parking spot into a small park for the day and exhibited a diarama of Tuolumne Meadow in Sequoia National Park. Hap Houllihan and Whitney Baker read some of their own nature-related poetry, and I read "Pastoral" by Steven R. Cope, one of his poems from his first collection, In Kildeers Field.

On Thursday, Service Dog, Katie, and I attended the workers' rights rally in front of Fayette County Republican Headquarters. Governor Walker was here from Wisconsin (and we know what a mess he's made there) to support David Williams in his run for Governor of Kentucky. What does it say about our nation when the Teamsters and the Old Hippies are all out there protesting together? Now, THAT is a thought to consider. One of the chants was, "Tax the rich; feed the poor." Another was, "We want jobs." And there were far more people at the rally OUTSIDE in the rain than they had attending their cozy rally indoors at the headquarters. Many, many drivers going past honked and gave us thumbs up (Yes, they were definitely THUMBS). I didn't hear a single person going by yell something negative at us. Obviously, if they didn't agree, they just ignored us. But there was a great deal of support.

Monday, August 8, 2011

How many moves are worth a fire?

I cannot recall if Benjamin Franklin said it was 4 or 5, but I can say I feel like I've been through enough moves in the last 2+ years to have been through an emotional fire as well as having lost some belongings I would have preferred to still have. My son is supportively philosophical about it, and wise, "It's just stuff, Mom." He's right! As a Quaker, having fewer things helps me with my testimony of Simplicity. Biblically speaking, where one's treasure lies, there lies one's heart. I would hope that my heart does not lie in material possessions, though much of my heart was filled with my pets and my rescued dog fostering, and I can no longer do that work. However, I am still involved in rescue as background workers are always needed. And I do still have Katie, my Disability Service Dog. Ziva, my Service Dog in Training, will be joining me soon. Having grown up in a military family (though the Coast Guard doesn't move its families as often as the other branches of the service do), one would think I'd be used to the weeding out that goes along with relocation.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Definitely NOT on the road anymore

I'm still reverberating from the hospital and the move and the loss of my canine family and country living. Too fried still to write, but did make it to most of Holler Poet Series #38 which was a grand time. Nice to see poetry so appreciated by the masses!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There is nothing so constant as change

I am now living in Lexington, and am sick and tired of feeling like a nomad.

Many losses in the last month. I thought I'd found THE place for me, loved my neighbors, could have my dogs and do rescue, could have a garden (kind of -- since the only 2 places I was told I could use were either on a steep slope or in the shade, so I opted for the level shady place), but the griping and control dramas finally put me in overload. NO ONE should tolerate bullying, and if you think only kids get bullied, think again. It could have been a "win/win" situation. Ah well . . . more of life's lessons learned.

So, now the country mouse must become a city mouse. Big adjustment. Hope to have kale and lettuces growing on my balcony soon, and already have a community garden plot reserved for next summer. I intend to bloom where I've been planted.

On to the next chapter of my life. And I do NOT want to be "on the road" any more. No more nomadic existence for this girl. I need to STAY PUT.