How I Named My Blog

Being a poet and an occasional pun-ster, the "Not on the Road" title is multi-layered. First, it was a response to old Jack K's "On the Road," since I'm definitely not he. Also, I've moved around a bit throughout my life (like in the last two and a half years!), and I'm sick of being ON the road. And of course, being an animal lover and very active in dog rescue work, I don't like seeing animals, wild or domestic ON the road, dead or alive.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Progress toward The Big Yard Sale!

I had to take a break, but WOW! Have I made progress. This is no easy feat -- deciding what can be sold and what to keep and what just plain goes into the trash!

Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm doing that thing where you walk into a room and go blank. "Cleared RAM" as I call it.

But I know why I'm lost in this whole packing and sorting ordeal.

It's like someone has given me a 5,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and I have to have it completed by a certain date. Naturally, I'm first looking for all the pieces with a straight edge or two so I can put the border together. I need that boundary that says, "Everything else goes in here somewhere." But finding those boundary pieces is one tough task at this point, because 5,000 puzzle pieces is one heck of a lot!

I have got some boxes set up and labeled: Seth, Emz, Jennifer, Operation Care, Immediate (stuff I'll need right away when I get to the farm), S&L (store & lock unit), and a corner of the living room is becoming Yard Sale Central. This at least is progress.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pieces are falling into place.

I'm starting to get excited about the move, but the last few weeks have been extremely busy.

We canned the yurt idea, because they've gotten so trendy, they are too expensive. I won't be in a tent either, because I bought a 24' camper trailer that I can use for storage after the cottage is built.

The cottage will be a 12 X 24 single room with a loft, and a 6 X 12 front porch. I'll turn the front porch into a solarium to collect passive solar heat during the winter, and I'm building two solar heat collectors for the 2 windows that will be on the south side of the cottage.

Yard Sale with Annie Jones here at my place is this coming Friday and Saturday. I've got to get my act together and get things sorted out and priced. I sure do hope I make a lot of money.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Beginning of the Journey

Life became too expensive. Rent + Utilities > Income, and forget about FOOD! I'd been looking for some years for a better (cheaper! more rural!) living arrangement, and really wanted to stay in Kentucky, but nothing turned up.
I came to Kentucky via a promotion with Mead Data Central back in 1982, and I've loved it here. Leaving here is going to be one of the most difficult things I've done in my life. It will be worse than a divorce. By the time I left Jack, I'd fallen beyond out of love with him. The man had successfully driven all affection and sentiment for him from my psyche. So leaving him just was not that difficult. But I'm still very much in love with Kentucky. I cannot help but hold out hope that someday, I'll be able to return to live out the remainder of my days south of The River.
For now though, the living arrangement I've worked out holds great promise. I am going to a small town in southern Ohio to live on the goat farm owned by friends of mine who I first met in 1975. We used to show dogs together, Belgian Tervuren. They are great folks, can use my help, and I'll be in the more rural setting I've longed for (moved "to town" in 1988, and have wanted to be back in the boonies), and they've made me an offer I don't want to refuse.
I'll live in a very large 3-season tent for the summer, and by October, my insulated yurt should be ready for me to take up residence. I'll be journaling my progress and perils on this blog.
If you're wondering about the name for my blog, I came up with that as a response to Jack K's "On the Road," and named the blog prior to making the decision to move to Ohio. Ironically, my first entries will be about being on this journey, so I've ended up on the road! Once settled though, I'll be back off the road, or to put it another way, NOT ON THE ROAD!
All the critters are going with me, my own, as well as all my foster dogs for Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. It's going to be like Ms. Noah and Her Ark.