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Being a poet and an occasional pun-ster, the "Not on the Road" title is multi-layered. First, it was a response to old Jack K's "On the Road," since I'm definitely not he. Also, I've moved around a bit throughout my life (like in the last two and a half years!), and I'm sick of being ON the road. And of course, being an animal lover and very active in dog rescue work, I don't like seeing animals, wild or domestic ON the road, dead or alive.

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Further frustrations in the pursuit of simplicity

It's hard to pursue simplicity in a complicated world. How many times have I said that in the last 3 years? How about the last 3 weeks?

The grass and the ground finally dry out sufficiently for me to mow, and I nearly accomplished the feat, but somewhere along in the midst of the backyard, complexity made it's nasty move on simplicity once again. (Dairy goats. I know I need to get a pair of dairy goats.) SOMETHING of a mechanical nature when awry, and I can hear it rattling in the assembly, and the mower goes no more. I was nearly finished!

So now a stretch in the backyard and the area in front of the fence along the road remains unmowed.

If anyone is interested in spending money on a health club membership, you can pay me and come mow my lawn. That's enough exercise for anyone pursuing basic fitness. You'll need to bring your own mower though. I've 'bout had it with this beast.

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